There are many subgenres to fantasy fiction, high fantasy, dark fantasy, science fantasy, and more. I would call most of my fantasy fiction fantasy-light. The characters are fantasy type characters such as elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. There are fantasy type creatures like flying horses and reptilians. The story realms are fantasy realms.

However when it comes to magic, it is there but its intrusion is minimal, thus the use of the term “light.”

You might say that my high fantasy novels are high fantasy-light and my epic fantasy could be referred to as epic fantasy-light, then there is medieval fantasy-light, pirate fantasy-light, Native American fantasy-light, and so on. My thirty-five plus fantasy books run quite a gamut of fantasy genres. And all of my writing is grounded in the basic values and truths that grow out of my biblical worldview perspective on life. Most of my stories are not “Christian” stories, but rather they embrace the values of life that come from my worldview such as sacrifice, serving others, faithfulness, compassion, good morals, etc. The stories are not sappy, pretentious, or preachy. They are brawny and absorbing fantasy fiction—no fluff!

On the other hand, a select few of my stories are Christian allegory, parabolic or have aspects of metaphor very naturally woven into them. One of my most popular books is Tales of a Church Mouse with Jason Anthony Mouse telling poignant tales of his days as Pastor John’s helper—most of them humorous. Conversely, Seed of the Defiled is true epic fantasy-light. There is some magic that is natural to the realm, but it is not extensive. I’ve been told it should be made into a movie. Thank you, Keith Cortella!

Some of my stories are for the young or young at heart, and some are more complex and deep, e.g. Seed of the Defiled.

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Written by : John Edgell

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