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Gain Perspective On Grace

Some stories entertain. In contrast, this unique fantasy story pulls at your heart strings like a master musician.

Fantasy Mirrors Reality

By |Author Blog|

Fantasy: A Mirror that Anticipates In These Stories Fantasy Mirrors Reality Moil of Darkness and The Forbidden are fantasy stories set in fantasy realms, but they mirror the realities of our day. In fact, most fantasy mirrors reality to one degree or another. These two stories definitely speak to [...]

A Sub Subgenre: Fantasy-Light

By |Author Blog|

There are many subgenres to fantasy fiction, high fantasy, dark fantasy, science fantasy, and more. I would call most of my fantasy fiction fantasy-light. The characters are fantasy type characters such as elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. There are fantasy type creatures like flying horses and reptilians. The story realms [...]

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