A flame of hope flickers as darkness triumphs. Deliverance is a captivating novella shrouded in intrigue and betrayal.

Kanaar travels with his father to the frozen north where he saves the whelp of a mythic megalowolf from the jaws of a vicious drale. So begins an adventure fraught with deception and danger. He and his friend Velprin face challenges from mercenaries, merchants, pirates and slaves, as well as the powerful megalowolf and devil drale. Kanaar’s faith is challenged by treachery and tragedy, while his sister Kadrana’s faith remains strong in the face of her great trial.

The saved wolf-pup was not an ordinary wolf-pup. He is a megalowolf! According to the locals only one megalowolf is born every 50 years. He is the unrivaled leader of the packs.

Banner Photo by Ray Hennessy