Cultures evolve, and usually not for the better.

In culture as in life, without conscious effort, things tend to spiral downward over time. One must choose good over evil or evil will eventually swallow the good. So it was on Fairweather Island, an idyllic realm populated by elves, dwarves, and miffits, an island insulated from the chaos and evil of other realms by the Tempestuous Sea. That is, it was insulated until a “cursed” miffit was born and Vakon, the Realm Master, sent Animus to Fairweather Island.

Did Wartton’s birth cause the coming of the moil of darkness? Will Wartton’s only friend, Arian, be drawn into the web of evil enshrouding Fairweather? Is there truly a man in the mountain, and is it he who has cast an evil spell on the realm? Can the “Old One” named Grey Whiskers save the realm? So begins a harrowing adventure, one that will take Wartton and Arian deep into dark reaches of the realm haunted by strange deadly creatures and demon hordes. Will they survive? Will the realm survive the unleashing of the horde? Weep for Fairweather, a realm without hope when Grey Whiskers fails in his bid to save the realm. Wartton and Arian share an adventure you won’t soon forget.

While they fished they talked about the Maker and he told her what he remembered of the old stories. Wartton had been told the stories when he was young, but only remembered bits and pieces. Arian could not remember ever having heard the stories. She was fascinated by the idea of a Maker who lived on Towering Mountain out there somewhere in the mist.

Neither she nor Wartton had ever seen the mountain for they were both born the year the mist brought a shadow of despair to the island. In fact, neither of them had ever seen blue skies or the yellow of the sun, of which their parents spoke with longing in their voices. When they looked to the sky, all they could see of the sun was a ball of light source distorted by the haze.