Of Mingled Blood is a captivating fantasy story with riveting twists and turns that will keep you reading into the night. It is mesmerizing fantasy fiction that touches the sentiments of heart and mind. And while the author’s Christian worldview underpins his writing it does not impede it.

A thoroughly captivating fantasy story, Of Mingled Blood weds evil, treachery and intrigue with the Morgul of Doom’s reach into the lands of the Creator of Realms. Jacque, creation of mingled blood, struggles with who and what he is. Is he Jacque or is he Kard? And will Annora and the elves take up arms against the Calderan hordes, or will she abdicate the throne to Deimos to save the spilling of her people’s blood?

Deimos, the evil sage who dares to defy Baruch, Creator of Realms, comes to claim his brain-child, who he views as his crowning achievement. Jacque, seed of the races, but not born of a woman, was conceived in the sage’s secret chambers, beget in a crystal phial, nurtured to birth in the sac of an aborted goat. As Jacque learns of his otherworldly beginnings, he must come to grips with his dual identity, the realization that his mother died as a result of this diabolical scheme, and that his destiny has been carved out for him. Will his allegiance remain with Baruch to see him through or will Deimos, with all his powers of darkness succeed in winning him over?

The sage’s monstrous plan has come full circle. Jacque is now grown and Deimos has come to claim him for the diabolical training concocted in the sage’s malevolent brain. Training for what? And how will the plan be thwarted? With magic-like powers given to him by lords of darkness, Deimos appears invincible.

Lords, sages, creatures unheard of but common to the realm add excitement, drama, deceit, and at times horror and dread!

A missing chalice engraved with the name “Gladhaven” reappears, revealing one more piece to the puzzle, yet at the same time deepening the mystery. Deimos will not be satisfied with the conquest of the realm of Areondra – his schemes encompass much, much more, and once he has control of his brain-child, he will accomplish his vile mission.

In this captivating fantasy story, hobbits, miffits, elves, mudfuddles and more of Baruch’s fantastic creatures that boggle the imagination inhabit the realm and the story and bring joy and hope as a contrast to the deepening gloom of the realm. Although a fantasy, the story is a depiction of both the evil that relentlessly infiltrates all of life, and also a challenge to the ones who follow Baruch and are pledged to destroy the hideous schemes of all who pledge themselves to vile plans of death and destruction.