Jumping from the Plunder Gun into the frying pan…called Phantom Island. Phantom Island Chronicles is an intriguing pirate novella—light fantasy—presented in eleven manuscript episodes shrouded in the mystery of Phantom Island.

Kallie, sold into slavery as Capt’ Tuckr Priggs’ cabin girl, makes friends with Hawkz, the ship’s scullery boy. Together they plot their escape from the the Plunder Gun. Pursued by fuming pirates, they take refuge among the peculiar Antaga Elves. Hunted like animals and harassed by a pirate-wizard, Kallie and Hawkz are aided in their adventures by a number of unexpected allies.

The story comes alive through its many colorful characters, the mysterious Jrank, a devious pirate named Spudz, sweet but torn Rome, resolute Cyann, mischievous Skitch and many others. Phantom Island Chronicles is an engaging read that explores how the stuff of life impacts faith.

This pirate fantasy covers a lot of ground and includes the story of Belallee and how he fell from grace plus the three in one: Elone, Yawel and Neumar. Evil is present throughout the story but Elone is always the strongest and prevails over the evil. Will all the characters recognize Elone for who he is or will some die. As Cyann, one of the characters in the book says, “While he lived there was hope, but hope has died.”