Primal Blade is the fourth book in the Accidental Heroes series. The others are The Helot, Dark Danger, and Terminus.

The Outrydrs, Kandras and Kovan set out to explore beyond the realm of Bethyia to the east. After a troubling dream the miffit Tor sets out on a quest to help his friends, but finds himself in a realm fraught with danger and intrigue, where a dying truthseer reveals that he is the long expected Slight One, the chosen monarch, who must retrieve the Primal Blade and save the realm from Axrath, an evil usurper and powerful demon lord.

As in life, Ander’s journey is fraught with trials and sorrow, but also with good and glimmers of joy. Primal Blade embraces the virtues of faithfulness and endurance in the face of unmitigated evil.

I hope you will have as much fun reading Primal Blade as I did writing it. It truly is fantasy fiction at its best.