A onetime street urchin is thrust into a harrowing adventure following the
realm’s loveliest flower being cast to the ground and defiled.

*In Seed of the Defiled people tend to get disconcerted by the X’s and Z’’s used in names. Here is the key to facilitating the pronunciations: When a name begins with an X give it a hard X sound and if x appears within the word give it a soft x sound (such as in Sox), and when a name begins with a Z give it a Z sound.

Courage and honor are strained to the breaking point by dissension between Kander and Xzwindra in the midst of extreme peril and stunning betrayal.

Word of Honor is a wildly imaginative novel in which the realm of Xzwendaria is threatened by internal conspiracy and external conflict. Kander and Xzwindra must rise above mulish differences if their improbable quest to find and rescue the heir to the throne and save the realm from tyranny is to succeed.

Thaxindar, an empathetic priest, rescues Kander, a street urchin from the back alleys of Zwexdrof. While Kander grows to be a man with moral fiber, the realm’s heir apparent, Prince Zandirxin, spirals down into dark depths of depravity. A young woman, Patrexna, finds her life forever changed, while Xzwindra, struggles with challenges she never thought she would face.

The consequences of Zandirxin and Kander’s choices lead to court intrigue and a dangerous quest. Baruch, the Mover of Realms, has predicted good, but the realm is afflicted with evil and cruelty, and people begin to doubt his word.

Seed of the Defiled is the story of a young man’s and young woman’s struggle for meaning, and Baruch’s sovereign hand working in and through the consequences of people’s choices.

Seed of the Defiled is fantasy fiction grounded in a Christian worldview, a story of faith and God’s sovereign hand working in and through free choice.