Some stories entertain. In contrast, this unique fantasy story pulls at your heart strings like a master musician pulling at the strings of a large octobass taking the music to thrilling highs and discordant, moving lows—smiles, laughter, angst, anger, tears!

Son of Cain is a unique fantasy story with an atypical storyline that will captivate, intrigue, and move you. It is historical fiction with a distinctive twist, while the truth it encompasses remains solidly biblical.

In this unique fantasy story a son of Cain lifts a rebellious fist in the face of God, determined to put him in his place, while a young girl extends a hand of grace. Son of Cain mingles elements of fantasy with the pre-deluge biblical history of the Noachian world in a powerful story that explores man’s brokenness and the scope of God’s grace.

What was the world like before Noah’s flood? It would appear that there were advanced people groups (Genesis 4:16-22), and primitive people groups would also seem likely. If there were those who lived in caves during periods after the flood, then surely there were cavemen prior to the flood. The descendants of Cain would have fit into both groupings. In this story the Son of Cain, the protagonist, fits in the former, and a troglodyte that is also a descendent of Cain, an antagonist, fits in the latter. The result is a fascinating initial confrontation occasioning a prolonged conflicted relationship. However, at the heart of the story is a discordant reality, the protagonist himself is in truth his own primary antagonist. One moment you love him and the next you hate him, for in him the heart of every man is revealed—touches of the noble mingled with the evil of his baser nature.

In the Son of Cain’s thinking, God is evil, and when he hears of a powerful enchantress, he is drawn to her lair, convinced that the evil behind her power is the god he pursues. But her lair is a place of intrigue, malevolence, and death—enter the young girl.

The Son of Cain’s quest to find and confront God with His injustice is tempered by the young girl’s goodness, as he flees the enchantress’ clutches in search of a waterless land where a crazy man is building a huge boat. In the course of his pursuit to confront God the Son of Cain makes choices of consequence that lead to a powerful conclusion.

Within the worst of men there is good. Within the best of men there is evil. In spite of all the goodness a man may exhibit he is a fallen creature with a sin nature. In this unique fantasy story those realities stand in stark contrast to each other in this Son of Cain; a good man—an evil man. He is a man worthy of life, yet a man worthy of death. But is such a rebel a fitted subject for God’s love and grace?