Tales of a Church Mouse is a delightful Quick Read anthology of fun stories for the whole church family, young and old alike. Jason Anthony Mouse narrates these twelve fascinating tales that give amusing and yet thought provoking insight into the challenges we as sinners saved by grace face in the church family setting.

Have you ever thought, “I sure wish I could have been a bug on the wall to hear and watch what was going on in there”? Well, Mrs. Fernfeather, Mrs. Peacock, Deacon Brown, Hilda Shoeloose, Highbore Boles, Granny Grupper and many other unforgettable characters are seen through the eyes of Jason Anthony as he scurries about the church, hiding behind a book, under flowers, in a pocket, and behind a cow in a manger scene stable, while observing interesting and telling events and conversations. These fun stories’ unique characters struggle with misunderstandings, misguided attitudes, yet in the end are brought to a change of heart.

A fascinating confrontation develops as Mrs. Fernfeather and Mrs. Peacock find themselves antagonized by each other’s pharisaical attitude. And poor bombastic Deacon Brown has had it with that Cock Robin pastor of theirs, leaving Jason to shake his head in dismay. HIlda Shoeloose’s wagging tongue wags once too often! There is Mrs. Rucher’s angry finger pointing. Then there is grumpy Highbore Boles. Oh, and two commonplace sneakers tell such a heart touching story. And who is going to teach those four boys Sunday school class? “Not me!” You’ll love Mrs. Herbuckle, Clara Flatsap, and Alton Fergin’s Christmas morning disaster. And from story to story, it all gets pretty harrowing for poor Jason Anthony who finds himself in one sticky situation after another. But such is to be expected when you are the pastor’s assistant. Hmm. Will Jason ever get all those pencils sharpened?

The fun stories in Tales of a Church Mouse challenge, inspire, and are wildly entertaining—possibly because they strike so close to home! The author first published these fascinating tales monthly for the congregation he was serving at the time of writing. With each fascinating tale the people’s response was to express delight and to request more stories. You will find these stories original, imaginative and fun.

So, if you love fun talking animal fiction, let Tales of a Church Mouse take you on a new and fascinating journey into a world of church life clothed as a fun little mouse.

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Banner Photo by Elisabeth Lee