Delecia, heavy with child is swept away by a mythical birdworm, a helminth, never to be seen again. However, the fate of the realm rests with her child.

The leaders of Thrude, a realm once glorious, united and strong, find their federation of peoples in demise, fragmented within and beset from without. Made aware that the miffit Tor had a child, and that that child is somehow key to the destiny of the realm, the Outrydrs, Kandras and Kovan set out to find him. The Outrydrs, Kandras and Kovan, along with Jakramwen and Orenda, are determined against all odds to save the realm from final destruction.

But can the fate of the realm rest on one as unlikely as Ander, a pathetic, uneducated miffit? Such hope provides no hope, and so facing intrigue, danger and death, the Outrydrs and their allies continue their doomed struggle with courage. Baruch had failed them.

The Accidental Heroes series, and Terminus in particular, is as much about the faithfulness of God and of Baruch, a metaphorical Christ figure, as about the unsophisticated heroes he uses to accomplish his purposes. He uses everyday people like you and like me to accomplish his ends great and small—if we let him.

Banner Photo by Arthur Kerkhoff