An intriguing fantasy tale is like a good steak, you savor every bite-every page, and it sticks with you; it satisfies. The Blood Stream is such a tale. Once ingested you will want to read the series from which it is spawned.

The reader of this intriguing fantasy tale about two brothers, Kandras and Kovan, who first appear in Terminus, will encounter improbable places and mystifying events that have the feel of something from another world. Evil wraiths must be destroyed, yet a shocking and surprising twist makes destroying them all but impossible. Kandras is constantly forced to choose between his heart and mind, and the orders given to him by an eccentric old man who came onto the scene as if out of nowhere. Unknown to either brother, each will make his own journey while being presented with the similar daunting challenge.

How will the brothers find answers when they are so conflicted with competing desires and convictions? The powerful ending to this intriguing fantasy tale may surprise you, and hopefully it will answer some of your own life questions.

The Blood Stream is indeed a supremely intriguing fantasy tale, a spin-off of my Accidental Heroes series. It appears as an addendum to Labyrinth, the fifth book in that series. This intriguing fantasy tale will suck you in and give pause to contemplate issues of the heart. It is one of my Quick Read Books (books of 80 to 150 pages designed for a satisfying quick read) that will keep you turning the pages until there are no more pages to turn.

Banner Photo by Jack Anstey