The Revealing is the second book in the Framer of Times series. The power hungry Draug, Warlock of Maagar, believes the world is his.

Prince Aaydrin disappears while on a mission to the mines at Maarog across the Great Divide. Pursued by assassins, Rhafe, Princess Aanora, and ten hand-chosen men tramp the perils of the Warlock Draug’s domain in search of the missing prince. They are led from Fenmoor Marsh by the pessimistic Quaglin and cheerful Frogmoor, mudfuddles of the Miredowns. Their quest will determine the fate of two realms.

My fantasy stories do not focus on either the dark arts or black magic. The stories pit good against evil, are gripping, develop consequential themes, but are also wholesome and ultimately uplifting. Do bad things happen? Certainly they do, just as bad things happen in life.

Banner Photo by Casper Johansson