Tower of Death is a captivating allegory about the ultimate search for meaning in life, choices of paths, and the consequences of those choices. This allegory takes Leander, Davina and Fenton on a terrifying journey to the Tower of Death.

Leander has to decide, “What will I do with my life?” He has tried numerous trades, but nothing satisfied. Something is missing. There is a void in his life that those trades do not fill. Davina and Fenton have that same feeling of emptiness. Why is it there? What causes the emptiness within? That question plagues Leander and his friends.

A strange old man offers answers. However, the place where those answers are to be found is forbidden—the Tower of Death. But they must have answers! So begins their harrowing quest.

Leander reaches the crisis point. He has to decide, “What will I do with my life?” He sticks his hands come of age, having celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday just yesterday. It irritates him that his parents have reminded time beyond counting that he should have already decided on an occupation by now.

Banner Photo by Josipa Juras