God blessed me with the gift of an active imagination, and as a result, my mind has been filled with stories since as far back as I can remember. Read, savor and contemplate the content.


The Myth

Some heroic fantasy fiction is mere escapism, but not so with “The Myth.” Right from the first paragraph this story will reach out and snatch all other thoughts away. You will love [...]


Fate of Realms

Unexpected circumstances thrust the most unlikely of fellows into danger and intense adventure that will determine the fate of realms. Fate of Realms is a riveting other realms fantasy story. It will [...]


Of Mingled Blood

Of Mingled Blood is a captivating fantasy story with riveting twists and turns that will keep you reading into the night. It is mesmerizing fantasy fiction that touches the sentiments of heart and mind. And while the author’s [...]



In this story, the characters take divergent entangled paths to a shared destiny. The term labyrinth is defined as an intricate combination of pathways. In this story Kandras and Kovan, their sons, [...]


Tower of Death

Tower of Death is a captivating allegory about the ultimate search for meaning in life, choices of paths, and the consequences of those choices. This allegory takes Leander, Davina and Fenton on a terrifying journey to the Tower [...]



Delecia, heavy with child is swept away by a mythical birdworm, a helminth, never to be seen again. However, the fate of the realm rests with her child. The leaders of [...]


The Blood Stream

An intriguing fantasy tale is like a good steak, you savor every bite-every page, and it sticks with you; it satisfies. The Blood Stream is such a tale. Once ingested you will want to read the series from [...]