God blessed me with the gift of an active imagination, and as a result, my mind has been filled with stories since as far back as I can remember. Read, savor and contemplate the content.


The Requiting

The sun slipped behind the horizon. Draug whispered in a voice not his own, "The world was yours, but now it is mine, all mine!" Draug's sister laughed. Draug turned, his face livid. He struck her to the [...]


Primal Blade

Primal Blade is the fourth book in the Accidental Heroes series. The others are The Helot, Dark Danger, and Terminus. The Outrydrs, Kandras and Kovan set out to explore beyond the [...]


The Jewel

The Jewel is a fun juvenile story your children or grandchildren will enjoy. It moiled up from a juvenile rift in my brain. Dyrk hated to admit it, even to himself, [...]


The Revealing

The Revealing is the second book in the Framer of Times series. The power hungry Draug, Warlock of Maagar, believes the world is his. Prince Aaydrin disappears while on a mission [...]


Word of Honor

Word of Honor provides a satisfying reading experience for lovers of fantasy fiction who want to enjoy an out of the ordinary, complex story that captivates and thrills, that is gripping without being excessively dark or crude. [...]


The Helot

If you are a fantasy fiction lover, you will find The Helot an enchanting read. It is the first book in author John Edgell’s Accidental Hero series. Confronted with death or [...]


Unlikely Heroes

Unlikely Heroes brings together four rejected and harassed young people. They are mocked and mistreated because they are challenged by afflictions that make them different from others. Denaar, Alayna, Weetin, and [...]



A flame of hope flickers as darkness triumphs. Deliverance is a captivating novella shrouded in intrigue and betrayal. Kanaar travels with his father to the frozen north where he saves the whelp [...]


Son of Cain

Some stories entertain. In contrast, this unique fantasy story pulls at your heart strings like a master musician pulling at the strings of a large octobass taking the music to thrilling highs and discordant, moving lows—smiles, laughter, angst, [...]