Fantasy: A Mirror that Anticipates

In These Stories Fantasy Mirrors Reality

Moil of Darkness and The Forbidden are fantasy stories set in fantasy realms, but they mirror the realities of our day. In fact, most fantasy mirrors reality to one degree or another. These two stories definitely speak to what our nation and the world are experiencing today. They not only mirror many of the realities of our day, but they also anticipate where those realities appear to be leading. The stories are bleak with glimmers of hope, and they will grab your attention and keep you reading—page turners!

Moil of Darkness: Adventure on Steroids

Here is a quote from the book that introduces the main characters: “While they fished they talked about the Maker and he told her what he remembered of the old stories. Wartton had been told the stories when he was young, but only remembered bits and pieces. Arian could not remember ever having heard the stories. She was fascinated by the idea of a Maker who lived on Towering Mountain out there somewhere in the mist.

Neither she nor Wartton had ever seen the mountain for they were both born the year the mist brought a shadow of despair to the island. In fact, neither of them had ever seen blue skies or the yellow of the sun, of which their parents spoke with longing in their voices. When they looked to the sky, all they could see of the sun was a ball of light source distorted by the haze.”

At this point in the book they were unaware of the harrowing adventure they would soon be drawn into, and adventure they would never have chosen. And their adventure both mirrors and anticipates, and yet is filled with extraordinary and delightful, and yet sometimes heart gripping fantasy. It is a story that will entertain while giving pause for thought.

The Forbidden: Adventure into Depths of Darkness

The Forbidden Is Not for Kids! It speaks to the moral degradation of a realm and certainly anticipates where such degradation leads.

Let me set the stage for this gripping story: Wil’po came from a lineage that encompassed a fascinating mystery. You see, town gossips claimed his distant uncle
was carried away by a magical storm. In fact, he had heard many fanciful stories about his Great, Great Uncle Tor, or Torance Huffletree, his grandfather’s father’s brother. He was a merchant, and actually the only truth known about him was that he had set sail for Sadonia and was never seen again. Wil’po’s grandfather maintained that Tor’s ship had been caught in the mythical Dadra Current and was carried off to some distant land, but most of the old-timers, other than the gossips, laughed at the idea. But to the gossips it was all about magic. So it was that one stormy evening Wil’po’s family history came knocking at his door, and the words of an old man seeking refuge from the storm changed the course of his life. The new direction was not to his pleasing for he was not
one to seek adventure, let alone adventure in a strange land while being pursued by dread and peril. Strange people, strange creatures and an unexpected proposition was not the life he had planned for himself, but his curiosity had gotten the best of him. And so, letting out a deep sigh, he left his home at 123 Huffletree Lane knowing he would never return.

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God is at work in the world in spite of the darkness and moral degradation. His ultimate purpose will be fulfilled. Ours is to “walk by faith and not by sight” (II Corinthians 5:7).

Written by : John Edgell

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