Kindle Countdown Deals are BAA-ACK!

Everyone likes to save and now is the time to save on ebooks with KDP.

2 Deals Available September 9-15

  • Fate of Realms >>>
    Unexpected circumstances thrust the most unlikely of fellows into danger and intense adventure that will determine the fate of realms.At its heart, Fate of Realms is a story about fidelity to what is right in the face of the impossible. It exemplifies faithfulness to the truth no matter the cost.
  • Seed of the Defiled >>>
    Seed of the Defiled is the story of a young man’s and young woman’s struggle for meaning, and Baruch’s sovereign hand working in and through the consequences of people’s choices.Seed of the Defiled is fantasy fiction grounded in a Christian worldview, a story of faith and God’s sovereign hand working in and through free choice.

Written by : John Edgell

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